‘What you did up there was magic. I have to tell you. It really was’

Sonia Janem 

'We loved having Lee on board From day one of development, his ideas, thoughts and feedback assisted the production in developing the Breakups Drama. An extremely intelligent actor with a presence on stage. He was a delight to work with, he creates a real sense of ensemble and is an excellent performer. He always commits 100% giving an excellent performance, His comic timing is exceptional, and has the ability to really draw an audience in to the world of the character'
Maria Tali

'Lee Westwick is seriously terrific in this play, and he proves versatile and sensitive'
Get Real

'An outstanding performance with true passion, your performance really showed life & quality in the photo's for the magazine'
Linda Beloski

'Lee Westwick gives one of his most credible and intriguing performances in this winningly drama come comdey'

Jordan Shelly

'A great performer with that all-access smile'

Savana Bailey

'You are a young man with an exceptional talent, so keep it up!’

Kerri Dolan

'Witty, Charming and never afraid to do any type of role'

Melanie V

'I will never forget the help, one day it will be you with the accreditation here at the Cannes Film Festival'
Vincent Nesci